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ascend mathASCEND™ Math Solution assesses your students at the outset of a math intervention program. ASCEND™ Math Solution uses online assessments to benchmark a student’s strengths according to state standards. Then ASCEND™ automatically delivers an individual education plan to each student that is instantly placed online. BUT Ascend does not stop at prescriptive lesson plans-it provides all the content students need to learn!

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Once deficiencies are determined, ASCEND™ Math Solution guides students through video instruction, interactive learning activities and both online and print practice problems. This innovative approach to online teaching is proven to help motivate students, build confidence and increase scores in math. ASCEND™ guides students through targeted instruction that addresses a student’s specific needs.


ASCEND™ Math Solution provides continuous assessment with powerful reporting tools that are available from any computer connected to the internet. This gives you the power to check student’s scores, progress, and education plan instantly. ASCEND™ tracks students’ progress with research based reporting. These reports are available from any computer connected to the internet. Two examples include:

The Pre-Test Report demonstrates how ASCEND™ automatically adjusts education plans for each student. Any score on the pretest marked in green shows the student has mastered this objective. Those objectives marked in red are areas where the student needs improvement and will become the students’ education plan. Once students complete a pre-assessment they are taken directly to the instruction for their first objective.

The Unit Report allows users to easily divide learning objectives into manageable units. These units may be based on any desired requirement-such as state benchmarks, chapters in a text book, or ASCEND’s preset units. The way you designate units dictates how you ultimately receive reporting-creating a time savings in accountability requirements!


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PC Mac
OS Windows XP MAC OS 10.3
Processor 800 MHz Pentium III 700 MHz G3
Memory 256 MB RAM 128 MB RAM
Disc Space 300 MB available 300 MB available
Browswer IE 6.x or up Firefox 1.5
Required Plug-Ins MathPlayer, Java, Quicktime, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Java, Quicktime, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash

Video Hosting on a Server (optional. You may open ports to allow streaming) 7.5 GB


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