A lifesaver to the students

At Archbishop Curley Notre-Dame High School, we have a very diverse student population with a wide variety of needs.  Some students come to us with very low basic skills in reading and/or math, and some come to us with very little knowledge of English.  The Destination Knowledge programs have proven to be a lifesaver to the students….  One student repeated a skill lesson in the Ascend math … He was understandably very happy when he finally mastered it.  My Reading Coach has also proven to be very helpful to our students with poor reading skills or those who need help with spelling and pronunciation in English.  Our students are also involved in a wide variety of activities, which makes scheduling time for them to work on these programs a real challenge, particularly since we do not have any special periods devoted to the programs and do not pull students out of class.  Those who do take advantage of My Reading Coach and Ascend Math are highly motivated to get the most out of them.

Kim Lumpkin
Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Prep High School, Miami

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