Beneficial for students who are below grade level

My kids in intensive 8th grade math have been working every other day on ASCEND math. They were placed in the grade level of skills that they needed to learn. The other days they worked in a different online program that all the intensive kids are required to use which is at the 8th grade level.

Because I used the ASCEND program along with the other program, my students have developed growth in their weaker areas which was reinforced by the work they did in the other program. I have many students who skills increased 2 grade levels! It is really amazing. I also use a reward program along with ASCEND math. When they reach their BADGE, they get a $10 Google Play card as a gift from me. I have already given away 5 awards.

Since I am retiring, I won’t be using this program next school year. But believe me when I say, this program is beneficial for students who are below grade level in math.

Thanks for allowing me to pilot it in my classroom this year. My kids reap the benefits.

Soraya Ahmed
Gulfview Middle School

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