I am writing in response to the email regarding the ABC Music and Me program. I teach a class of 11 students with special needs at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Naples, FL and have implemented the program since September. We use the program every Mon, Wed and Fri. The children AND adults LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Attending skills have increased, their ability to follow directions has improved, ability to follow and continue a rhythm has improved and we have seen transfer from the music program throughout our day! The “instruments away” song has carried over into our daily routines. Whenever it’s time to clean up, at least two of the children will start singing that song! The children have learned concepts of just one and two through the distribution of instruments. Socially they have learned to respect each other’s spaces, although there are still a couple of students working on that skill. It is also so valuable that ALL children can participate. I have one student who is non-ambulatory and he gets a big smile on his face when the program starts. He is able to manipulate the instruments and follows the prompts to the best of his ability.
The family packets are extremely beneficial. So often the home component is the hardest to coordinate with school and the packets make the connection easier.

I am so thankful that we have the program in our class. It is definitely a highlight of our week.

Penny Jacob
PreK Teacher Veterans Memorial Elementary, Naples, FL

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