Over two years growth in just six months

Our school has a high percentage of students who are ESE, ESOL and who scored below average on the state math test. In an attempt to re-mediate those students and fill the “gaps” in their learning, we relied on Destination Knowledge and the Ascend Math program. Every student that participated in the program with fidelity, made gains. One student in particular made over two years’ growth in just six months. The program is engaging and age appropriate. Regardless of how far behind they are, the students experience respectful, dignified instruction. In other words, no cartoons or talking bunny rabbits. This allows the students to work at their specific level without other students knowing what that level is. In nearly fifteen years of teaching, I have never come across a program, or a company, that provides not only quality instruction and remediation but also amazing customer service. Thank you, Destination Knowledge, for bringing so much academic support and personal involvement into the classroom!

Linda Nigro, Math & Science Coach
Southwestern Middle School, Volusia

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