Turning Your Greatest Challenges Into Successes.

Destination Knowledge provides curriculum redesign, actionable programs to address unfinished learning, mental health supports, and professional learning services to enhance student success.

The Time For Action Is Now.

As stated by the School Superintendents Association Learning 2025 National Commission, “schools must operate as the heartbeat of the country we want and believe in—a country where freedom, justice, and opportunity are extended to everyone, without question, qualification or exception.” The recent pandemic has given us an opportunity to finally reshape schools to meet ALL Whole Learner needs for maximized achievement. Education must be student-centered and equity-based. We can help you achieve this mission. Through our leading-edge partnership publishers, we will match you with products and services whether your district needs support for long-term planning and design; professional development services; academic supports; life skills and mental health; or even bringing equity to non-verbal students.

We Service...

School districts, PK-12 public and private schools, as well as Head Start programs.

Some schools may struggle with low literacy rates, culture, discipline, and classroom functioning. Others might be looking to implement emerging technologies or provide extra supports for their low-performing students. Our comprehensive suite of solutions advance the relationships between educators and students, provide new approaches to learning, improve student and teacher efficacy, and close learning gaps.

Through our data-analytics partner, we can provide you data for your Florida district or school in a way  no other source provides.  This data is valid, extracted from the Florida DOE, and compiled to include your rankings in several areas, tied to your poverty and minority rates.

Student And Educator Benefits.

District leaders, administrators, teachers, and students all benefit from our powerful education solutions.

Build Self-Efficacy

Increase overall literacy achievement and reading motivation.

Improve Social-Emotional Skills

Positive gains in academic achievement, attendance, and resiliency asset scores.

Bolster Effective Learning & Teaching

Improve teaching and learning outcomes.

Develop Personal Well-Being

Learn actionable steps for both short- and long-term changes in practice.


Our Proven Programs.

Innovative Programs for Academics & Behavior Pre-K-Adult​

All students deserve to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. That’s why we offer powerful tools to transform learning. From goal setting and professional development to evidence-based programs and project-based courses, our highly effective solutions improve student achievement and outcomes.

Technology Integration

We believe technology infused classrooms can assist educators as they strive to close achievement gaps and improve student learning.

Continuous Improvement

We offer mentoring, workshops, and meaningful professional development to empower educators to increase student achievement.

About Us

At Destination Knowledge, our goal is to become a trusted provider of high-quality education solutions that enable educators to empower students.

Our Mission

To ensure effective teaching and learning for all.

Our Vision

To provide every educator and student an equitable education system to achieve academic success.

Our Values

  • Empowerment. We seek to empower every educator and student.
  • Passion. Passion is the heart of our company. We are continuously committed to inspire others. 
  • Relationships. We believe in building long-term trusted relationships to drive success.
  • Service. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Who We Are

Destination Knowledge is a team of passionate education consultants who are strongly committed to impacting student outcomes and educator success.

What We Do

Founded in 2004, Destination Knowledge specializes in educational technology resources that schools and districts need most. We consult with educators to deliver an equitable education system with our comprehensive suite of solutions. For more than 18 years, we have been a trusted partner to districts for addressing learning gaps and providing multi-tiered behavior and mental health supports.

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