The Complete Solution

From Early Learning to GraduationDestination Knowledge is your complete solution for MTSS/RTI:
Professional Development, Assessments and Interventions for Academics & Behavior. The products selected to become a part of the Destination Knowledge family undergo significant screening. Our mission is to provide schools with high quality programs and training that meet the most pressing needs of educators today.

Professional Development

Engaging and effective Professional Development, offered online or on-site.

Assessments for Academics & Behavior

Online Assessments deliver immediate results you can act upon now! Universal Screening, Benchmarking, Diagnostics and Progress Monitoring.

Interventions for Academics & Behavior

Adaptive, targeted, Intensive interventions designed for your most critical students while accelerating your proficient students.

Destination Knowledge

Program Suite

We at Destination Knowledge are proud to offer you a full suite of programs from early learning to graduation and beyond! With a full suite of programs including reading courses for teachers, assessments and interventions for academics and behavior, we are here to lead the path for your students of all ages to become lifelong independent learners. Our programs deliver age-appropriate content for any age regardless of the academic level for which she is performing. With synthetic intelligence, they are uniquely simple to implement, all inclusive rich data to measure growth. Come take a look! Learning is a Journey…let Destination Knowledge lead the way!

  • Improves students’ reading performance by assessing abilities.
  • Develops an individual student syllabus and differentiates instruction.
  • Provides mastery-based activities to address reading gaps.
  • Meets Response to Intervention (RTI) program requirements
  • Creates individual learning plans for every student.
  • Provides a digital diagnostician for every student.
  • Systematically increases reading speed and reading comprehension
  • Enables students to progress at their own pace and level
  • Includes a library of over 1,000 stories, levels K-12
  • The definition and characteristics of dyslexia
  • The major components of dyslexia assessment
  • Principles and types of effective dyslexia interventions
  • Improves students’ reading performance by assessing abilities.
  • Develops an individual student syllabus and differentiates instruction.
  • Provides mastery-based activities to address reading gaps.
  • Diagnoses students skill gaps based on state standards.
  • Motivates students with video and online instruction.
  • Students often gain two grade levels or more in mere months.
  • Determine which students are at risk for math failure
  • Designed for Younger Students
  • Targets Precise Mathematical Ability
  • Highly Interactive, Engaging Lessons
  • Aligned with State Early Reading Standards
  • Built-In Rewards System
  • Literacy Based Character Strength Building
  • Aligned with State Standards & ASCA requirements
  • Emphasis on reading and writing skills
  • 175 engaging, interactive, reading-independent tutorials.
  • Build key social-emotional abilities for school success
  • Personal guidance and skill building in areas of concern.
  • Foster independence, social and emotional skills and language.
  • Learn new words, new ideas, and new ways of expression.
  • Age-appropriate group activities for kids.
  • Instant Multi-Category Scoring
  • Writing Prompts
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Aligned with Common Core and NGSS
  • Research-Based Reading Strategies
  • Interactive Vocabulary Lessons & Games
  • Clasroom & device Management
  • Integrations, single sign-on & applications
  • Learning Management System
  • Hands-on lab
  • Follows the 5E pedagogy
  • Video, pre-quiz, reading, hypothesis

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Destination Knowledge hosts a collection of
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