ARIS® Academic Readiness Intervention System

Stages Learning is the authority on autism education, offering innovative teaching and learning tools including the first – and only – complete curriculum for better supporting kids in our classrooms who have autism diagnosis, cognitive disabilities, or language delays.

Curriculum Overview.

Based on the principles of ABA therapy, and adapted for the classroom, Language Builder: Academic Readiness Intervention System – known as ARIS – combines the trusted Language Builder Picture Card sets and 3D manipulatives with detailed lesson plans, reproducible activity sheets, suggested IEP goals, a system for record keeping, and custom home communication forms, making ARIS the most complete curriculum for students with a range of learning readiness challenges including autism, cognitive disabilities, and other developmental needs.

The ARIS® curriculum includes 202 lessons across seven learning categories. The result is support for a broad range of skills often overlooked when working with a wide variety of special education students.



▸ 202 detailed, descriptive lesson plans across seven learning categories
▸ Compliance guidance
▸ Data tracking
▸ School-home communication tools
▸ 3D and 2D manipulatives
▸ Digital supports
▸ Physical materials needed to implement lessons
▸ Teacher and parent assessment tools

Who It's Designed For.

Students with moderate to severe Autism Spectrum Disorders
Older students with more significant learning challenges
ASD-only classrooms
Preschools, head-start programs

What To Expect.

With all your teaching tools conveniently assembled in one place, you have the most organized and easy to implement early autism and learning readiness classroom kit available. Language Builder: ARIS lets educators spend less time planning lessons and searching for materials, and more time teaching.

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