Bouncy's Ready to Learn Resilience Program

Meet Bouncy!

Bouncy’s Ready to Learn Resilience Program uses a lovable, multi-breed service dog with a prosthetic leg to help children aged four to seven years old develop coping skills for dealing with challenges and frustrations, and build a sense of safety and belonging.

The program is made up of both physical and digital components, such as: 3D music videos, Little Bouncy Your Service Dog, storybooks, teacher guide, Bouncy’s Junior Journal, and more. Bouncy can be used in a variety of settings, such as schools, homes, and community centers.

Addressing Traumatic Stress in Learning

Traumatic stress can significantly impact a child’s ability to learn, flipping a switch in their brain from readiness to a state of threat. This shift is particularly profound in our youngest learners. To reset this switch, children require safety, secure attachments, and social-emotional skills.

Bouncy's Comprehensive Approach

Bouncy, a comprehensive program, addresses all these needs through various engaging activities like direct instruction, music, dance, games, and self-reflection. These elements foster agency, self-regulation, and a growth mindset, nurturing strong, calm, and self-confident learners. Bouncy’s design allows for easy integration into play-based learning, making it adaptable for different learning environments. By empowering children to take the lead, Bouncy supports their sense of agency, crucial for developing coping mechanisms and persistence in learning.

A Supportive Learning Environment

Understanding that distressed behavior often stems from fear or stress, Bouncy prioritizes calming and comforting children before providing skill training for self-regulation. This approach is delivered in a fun and playful manner, ensuring children are engaged and receptive. Bouncy acts as a valuable resource for teachers, assisting in addressing serious issues such as bullying, teasing, anxiety, and detachment. With its diverse instructional elements, Bouncy helps students navigate these challenges, promoting a safer and more inclusive learning environment.

“[Bouncy] has been introduced to some of the younger kids and my few 3rd graders. They think that he is super cool and there were many questions about why he looks like he does. It was a great discussion about the different disabilities that others may have.”

EBD Clinician, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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