CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™

CrisisAlert is the easiest, most effective rapid incident response solutions for teachers and staff to immediately get help, anywhere on campus.

How CrisisAlert Protects Schools.

Medical emergencies, student altercations, unauthorized visitors, and suspicious activity occur daily in school systems. In critical moments, simplicity and speed are crucial to effective response. Teachers and administrators must be able to direct help to where it is needed, easily and quickly, because in a crisis, every second matters.

CrisisAlert routes requests for help to key personnel instantly, with precise location information. Every staff member receives a smart CrisisAlert badge, which has only on function: to empower the wearer to quickly and discreetly activate an alert. The badge vibrates to confirm receipt of the alert.

The moment an alert is triggered, CrisisAlert immediately provides clear and critical information to all impacted personnel.

*The Florida Department of Education approved CENTEGIX CrisisAlert for school districts to comply with Alyssa’s Law.

What Makes CrisisAlert Different.

One button activation – The wearable badge has a single button that enables quick action, discreetly and easily.
Immediate notification – With the push of a button, alerts instantly reach key personnel and responders.
Total facility coverage – CENTEGIX purpose-built network secures the entire property and operates independently of cellular and WiFi. CrisisAlert badges function everywhere, inside and outdoors.
Audio & visual notification – Facility-wide alerts communicate emergency information to everyone immediately via colored strobe lights, desktop notifications, and audio messages.
Location accuracy – Innovation technology provides room-level location information.
Ease of instillation – CrisisAlert can be installed with no alterations to physical structures or electrical wiring.

Who It's Designed For.

Childcare Centers
K-12 Campuses
Higher Education

What To Expect.

The CrisisAlert platform uses a powerful blend of hardware, software, and wireless technologies to ensure fast, accurate and reliable emergency communication and campus-wide protection. Instant communication through visual cues and audio integration enable rapid response to any incident or crisis, anywhere one campus. Alerts have been initiated for reasons ranging from everyday events such as medical emergencies and behavior situations to more extreme situations such as campus-wide events.

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