COGx Educators: Developing Sophisticated Learners

In partnership with the world’s leading experts, COGx bridges the gap between research from learning sciences and classroom application. This program provides asynchronous and synchronous online professional development for educators that teaches how to apply science-based strategies to their teaching.

Program Overview.

Developing Sophisticated Learners online professional development for educators provides compelling research and insightful application to bolster teaching efficacy and improve your students’ ability to learn.

Educators will discover 12 modules of the Science of Learning, learn from a team of global experts on the Science of Learning, and explore how we apply what we teach to how we teach it.

Program Modules.

▸ Module 01 – Developing Sophisticated Learners
▸ Module 02 – Capture Student Attention
▸ Module 03 – Address Processing Speed
▸ Module 04 – Unlock the Gateway to Learning (Working Memory)
▸ Module 05 – Support Executive Function for All
▸ Module 06 – Teach for Mastery I (Encoding Techniques)
▸ Module 07 – Teach for Mastery II (Retrieval Strategies)
▸ Module 08 – Foster Metacognition
▸ Module 09 – Provide Effective Feedback
▸ Module 10 – Teach for Belonging I (Emotions & Relationships)
▸ Module 11 – Teach for Belonging II (Engagement & Motivation)
▸ Module 12 – Understand Cognitive Diversity for Equity

Who It's Designed For.


What To Expect.

This program consists of 12 Modules of self-led asynchronous e-learning, which are complemented with live synchronous group collaboration, assignments and office hours to support educators. The program maintains a pace suitable to each partner organization to be in sync with each other to promote meaningful peer discussion and collaboration and to benefit from scheduled office hours.

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