COGx Individualized Cognitive Enhancement Programs

COGx’s individualized programs allow partner organizations to receive training in their proprietary methodology, which targets cognition, develops metacognitive awareness and teaches students to learn effectively.

The COGx Approach.

COGx programs teach the science of learning, strengthen the cognitive skills required for learning, and ensure transfer to real life. The COGx methodology consists of a library of over 40 science-based exercises, which target core cognitive skills critical to learning success.

COGx programs are customized for each student while relying on a three-pronged approach. Programs teach science-based techniques to improve cognitive skills, while enhancing (or training) those skills


Teach: The Science of Learning

COGx programs include a curriculum that teaches students the scientific principles that underpin learning success. This allows students to master evidence-based techniques and strategies specific to learning and memory, in addition to raising their metacognition to become more sophisticated and independent learners.


Train: Develop Skill and Ability

Training is a customized process whereby a COGx Professional purposefully selects exercises to target the skills essential to a student’s goals. COGx exercises were designed to be modifiable to a student’s unique needs and to evolve as the student progresses.


Transfer: Generalization to Real-Life

Transfer occurs upon a strong foundation of teaching and training. This pillar of the COGx Approach ensures that students have the self-awareness (metacognition) and level of mastery required to transfer and sustain the gains they have made over the course of their program.


Who It's Designed For.


What To Expect.

COGx programs are holistic, comprehensive and customized. The goal of every program is to develop students into self-regulated learning. However, every program is uniquely designed to meet the student where they are and address their specific needs.

The methodology can be used to enhance a student’s ability to: follow multi-step directions, sustain focus, metacognition, problem solve, make associations, visualize, self-regulate, control impulses, sequence, recognize patterns, attend to detail, store and recall information, think critically, calibrate accuracy and speed (efficiency), self-monitor, organize and articulate ideas, follow lectures and conversations, shift between tasks and ideas, and apply science-based study skills.

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