COGx Students: Becoming a Sophisticated Learner

This program for high-school and college students teaches how to learn optimally and effectively.

Program Overview.

COGx’s program, Becoming a Sophisticated Learner, provides students with a User’s Guide to learning and the brain. Students learn how the brain processes information and what behaviors promote optimal learning.

Graduates of this program will have an arsenal of science-based tools that enable them to monitor their learning and master what they are taught.

Program Modules.

▸ Module 01 – Unlearning
▸ Module 02 – Relearning
▸ Module 03 – Mastering Memory I
▸ Module 04 – Mastering Memory II
▸ Module 05 – Executive Function: Prepare for Learning
▸ Module 06 – Metacognition: The Sophisticated Learner’s Superpower

Who It's Designed For.

High-school students
College students

What To Expect.

This program consists of 6 modules of active and collaborative learning. It is complemented with live classes that support students through guided practice.

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