Destination Knowledge Celebrates 20 Years of Empowering Students and Educators

Manatee County, FL – March 4, 2024 – DKMarsh, Inc., dba Destination Knowledge (DK), a leading educational resources provider, is proud to announce its 20th anniversary on March 4, 2024. For the past two decades, Destination Knowledge has been dedicated to solving the most pressing needs of schools, empowering students and educators to overcome obstacles, reach their full potential, and prepare for the future.

Founded in 2004 by Kristine Marsh, Destination Knowledge started with a commitment to providing tailored solutions that foster success in and beyond the classroom. In order to achieve success in such a large market segment, Kristine sought out educational resources that were unique and made the day-in-the-life-of-a-teacher easier, delivering results, while providing superior service. Today, their programs and services are in over 700 schools across the Southeast region, impacting the lives of thousands of students and educators.

Destination Knowledge’s first client was Judy Slovin of Merrick Education Center in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The success of Destination Knowledge’s programs at her school led to an introduction to the Executive Director in the District Administration office, which, in turn, led to a fifty-school implementation, setting the stage for DK’s success throughout Florida.

“Reflecting back over twenty years of igniting learning, fostering curiosity, and doing our part to shape the future – how rewarding!,” said Kristine Marsh, President/Founder of DK. “At Destination Knowledge, we are immensely proud of our decades-long partnerships with our clients, publishers, and our incredible team. As we mark this milestone, we are reminded that our success is measured not only in years, but also in the lasting impact we’ve had, and will continue to have, on education.”

Destination Knowledge offers a range of educational resources designed to meet the diverse needs of schools, including MindPlay, Ripple Effects, Ascend Math, Academic Readiness Intervention System (ARIS), ASTROMAKER®, and more. With a focus on innovation and customer service, Destination Knowledge continues to be a trusted partner for schools seeking to improve academic achievement from PreK to Adult learners.

As Destination Knowledge looks ahead to the next 20 years, the company remains dedicated to its founding principles of excellence, service, and innovation. In January 2024, DK partnered with ATLAN Group to bring their robotics curriculum (ASTROMAKER®) to the US. This partnership will allow them to bring the joy of learning to children across the country and help them prepare for a high-tech world.

Additionally, following the mission of finding resources that meet the most pressing needs of the education market, DKMarsh, Inc. launched a new safety and security division, secureUs solutions. They understand that for teachers to teach and children to learn, they must feel and be safe.

“Over the past two decades, there have been countless clients, partners, employees, stakeholders, and family members to thank for their contributions along this journey,” said Marsh. “While I cannot name them all, there are a handful who have made a marked difference in this journey.

First, Raianne Schroeder for introducing me to the market in 1994. My mother (Ronalie) and sisters (Kim and Kelly) and my husband (Doug) for their unwavering support. Kathie McStravick for believing in remote work way back in 1995. Judy Slovin and Miami-Dade County Public Schools (William Gordillo and Dr. Rosalia Gallo) for believing in me and my product when I was just beginning.

Cali Swango, who is now part of my executive team, took a risk to work for a startup company and has always been by my side ever since. Matt Laird for his commitment to representing DK and helping us grow for ten years. Patty Alevy, also with me for ten years, for her dedication to our clients and providing them impeccable service (and being our in-house DK grammar ‘buff’).

Thank you to Leah Pattinson who has done so much more beyond her responsibilities as Marketing Coordinator, to include RFPs and at times, my dog sitter and personal assistant. Amy Dennis, without whom I would not have been able to launch the safety and security division.

Finally, I would like to thank MindPlay and Ascend Math for your 20 years of partnership; and Ripple Effects for almost ten years. Thank you for continuing to develop innovative solutions that make a difference in our children.”

Join us in celebrating this milestone and continuing the journey towards a brighter future for education.

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Leah Pattinson
Marketing Coordinator
Destination Knowledge
800-889-4886 ext. 701

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