District pilot during COVID-19

With encouragement from teachers and administrators, students showed incredible reading gains in only two months.

In one West Central Florida school district, 147 students in three schools began an eight-week pilot of MindPlay Literacy in March 2020, one week before school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. As administrators, teachers, and students moved from in-school learning to distance learning, reaching fidelity became a unique challenge. However, many administrators and teachers persevered and encouraged their students to continue to use MindPlay from home and in only two months, students showed incredible reading gains.

In eight weeks….

students gained two grade levels
students gained one grade level

District Improvement.

During the pilot, there was an 8% improvement in the number of students who were Meeting or Exceeding their grade level expectation for Independent Reading. On average, grade 2+ students gained 0.49 grade levels in eight weeks. The pie charts below show the student categories from their first benchmark test to the last benchmark test.

8 Week Pilot

First Test
Last Test

District Usage .

Estimate of students’ active engagement in the program.

Total time spent working in MindPlay Literacy
0 h 4m
Average time per student
0 h 25m

*Students with less than 4 hours of total use have been filtered out, showing data for only those that continued to use the program at home during distance learning.

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