Going Green! Celebrating Literacy Growth with MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach®

Destination Knowledge began partnering with MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach® in 2004. MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach® (MVRC) is a robust and effective online reading program that was developed by language, literacy, and assessment experts. It is an individualized program that features virtual reading teachers. These “reading coaches” emulate one-to-one tutoring instruction and support. Instruction is direct, explicit and quickly targets reading gaps that prevent accurate and fluent reading.

How MVRC works

Through a series of quick assessments, the program identifies reading strengths and deficits. Students reading levels fall into four distinct reading categories

Red = Critical – 2 + years below grade level

Yellow = Approaching – 1 year below grade level

Green = Meets – At grade levelBlue = Exceeds – Above grade level

Blue = Exceeds – Above grade level

Patented synthetic intelligence automatically creates a personalized learning plan for each student to target and quickly fill any reading gaps. A MindPlay student is assigned only the lessons they uniquely, individually, need. Students receive instruction from embedded virtual reading coaches who guide the students through lessons and activities. The program adjusts to student responses and moves them to appropriate areas for additional instruction or reinforcement.

Last week we discussed the Science of Reading and the National Reading Panel components of reading instruction.

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

MVRC addresses all of these components and they take it a step further by including Grammar for Meaning because they believe it’s important for students to understand the role of grammar in reading.

Going Green…and Blue!

The overall goal of MVRC is to close those reading gaps so that students are reading at grade level Green or exceeding grade-level Blue.

The Student Improvement Reports featured below illustrate how great going Green, and even Blue is! Students are assessed four times a year so that we can see their reading growth.

Student Improvement Report at the beginning of the year

Each color represents a performance category:  

Red = Critical – 2 + years below grade level

Yellow = Approaching – 1 year below grade level

Green = Meets – At grade levelBlue = Exceeds – Above grade level

Blue = Exceeds – Above grade level

Student Improvement Report at the End of the year

MindPlay’s analytics help foster a growth mindset! Here at Destination Knowledge, we celebrate when students move from struggling to on-level or beyond readers! 

We believe that MindPlay’s commitment to the Science of Reading as a methodology along with its ability to target specific skills gaps accelerates all learners allowing them to …go GREEN

National Literacy Month is coming to an end, but our advocacy work to stop illiteracy never ends. Here are a few literacy friendly ideas that we hope encourage you to stay involved in this important endeavor

  • Buy a book for birthday party gifts instead of toys
  • Visit the Florida Center for Reading Research website to learn the latest trends and tips
  • Get involved with adult literacy initiatives – MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach has taught thousands of adults to read. 
  • Donate books to your local assisted living centers, schools, or children’s programs
  • Support your local library

In the weeks ahead we will be highlighting two major advocacy initiatives that are promoted during the month of October – National Bullying Prevention month and Dyslexia Awareness month. We will be providing free resources, awareness opportunities, and advice from educators. 

Sabrina Valverde is an educator, entrepreneur, educational trainer/consultant, and published author. She is a fiercely passionate advocate for children and has worked in many settings to foster an environment where all children can succeed. Sabrina holds a Master’s of Education in Instructional Leadership and believes that equipping teachers with the best curriculum, resources, and professional development is the cornerstone to student achievement.

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