Livox is an award-winning artificial intelligence alternative communication app to give voice to people with disabilities.

AAC App Overview.

Created by a father for his daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, Livox is the first intelligent alternative communication app that uses technology to allow people with disabilities to communicate and learn.

Livox helps nonverbal people with disabilities to communicate. It is also used to learn to read, write, do math problems and digest abstract concepts.


Artificial intelligence – Livox can “guess” what a person with a disability is trying to say.
Use Livox with your eyes – Control Livox just by blinking
Natural Conversation – Activate Livox by saying the name of the disabled person and then, ask a question! Livox helps them to answer according to the context.
Livox’s smart touch – Livox can correct the “imperfect” touch of a disabled user.

Who It's Designed For.

People with disabilities
People with learning impairments

What To Expect.

Livox’s platform provides opportunities for users to communicate, learn, and grow.

  • Learners communicate 20 times faster.
  • The Livox Store allows educators and professionals to create and publish content for different disabilities in minutes. Hundreds of free resources from books to musical instruments, school lessons and alternative communication are also available.
  • Educators and professionals can monitor the improvement of students using Livox easily through the Livox Portal.

Ready to See More?

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