Mastery Coding Computer Science Essentials

Mastery Coding’s Computer Science Essentials course blends unplugged learning activities with block-based programming. Students will learn core digital citizenship principles and the introductory computer science knowledge they need to be successful and safe in today’s technological world.

Course Overview.

This blended curriculum features a smart balance of unplugged lesson plans that teach core computational thinking concepts mixed with online, block-based coding units that build the skills students need to be successful in higher level coding courses.

Who It's Designed For.

Grades 3-6
Multi-disciplinary classrooms

What To Expect.

Mastery Coding’s Computer Science Essentials course units include:

  • The essentials of coding
  • Cyber Safety
  • Learning to Code: Mastery Coding’s Proprietary SCRATCH course
  • Digital Citizenship
  • The Fundamental of Algorithms
  • Core Logic
  • Hardware vs Software
  • Career Exploration

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