Mastery Coding Cybersecurity/IT Foundations

Explore security principles, cyberattacks, cryptography, IT essentials and careers in the explosive field of cybersecurity.

Course Overview.

This web-based course teaches the foundations of cybersecurity, using a combination of video-based lectures, auto-graded assessments, and cybersecurity lab activities.

Who It's Designed For.

Grades 6-12

What To Expect.

Course modules include:

Introduction to Information Technology: Students learn about different hardware components in a computer, what they do and how they contribute to performance and system failures.

Foundations of Cybersecurity: Students learn about different types of computer hacking and applications of IT in digital forensics and risk assessment.

Cryptography: Students learn the fundamentals of encryption, key value pairs and the mathematical concepts that make online authentication possible.

Cyber Ethics: Students explore laws, ethics and their historical precedents to contextualize the material they’ve covered and be mindful of the benefits and risks of a society increasingly reliant on technology.

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