Mastery Coding Workforce Solutions: Unity Certification

This 8-week course teaches Unity and C# programming, preparing you to attain the Unity Certified User: Programmer certification. You’ll be on your way to coding games in no time.

Course Overview.

Learn to Code Module 1: Intro to C# Coding
Module 2: Writing Programs w/ c#
Learn Unity Module 3: Intro to Unity
Module 4: Coding to unity
Module 5: Unity Feature Exploration
Module 6: Scene Building and Pathfinding
Learn to Build Module 7: Capstone Project Design
Module 8: Capstone Project / Exam Prep

This 8 week Unity certification course is delivered via live workshops, self guided video lessons and weekly graded projects. A Mastery Coding instructor is provided to work through all of the materials.

Who It's Designed For.

Adult learners who want to learn how to program in Unity.
Students at Career & Tech centers that focus on certifications.
Teachers and educators who want to teach Unity and C# programming.
No computer science background is required to succeed.

What To Expect.

  • Access to Mastery Coding courseware for assessment and multimedia curriculum delivery
  • Live workshops and build with instructor
  • Support via chat and forums
  • Capstone project to kickstart portfolio for future job interviews
  • Exam prep materials for Unity User: Programmer certification

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