MI Write

Formative assessment and differentiated instructional writing program to help your students improve writing through practice, feedback, and guided support. MI Write is powered through their award-winning automated essay scoring engine (PEG ®), which instantly reviews essays and provides immediate feedback and recommendations to both students and teachers.

Program Overview.

MI Write provides a robust web-based environment for teachers to customize, manage, and deliver individualized writing instruction.

Who It's Designed For.

Grades 3-12
Students at all learning levels

What To Expect.

• Engaging Content – Interactive lessons, prompts, and stimulus materials to keep students engages and interested.
• Immediate Feedback – MI Write keeps your students on track in the writing and revision process with instant scoring, suggestions for improvement, and recommended lessons.
• Reporting for Administrators – MI Write gives you a bird’s eye view of progress and usage at the school, district, and state level through their wide selection of detailed reports.

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