MindPlay Comprehensive Reading Course

MindPlay Comprehensive Reading Course is a 40 hour intensive course providing an in-depth study of how the English language works, and how to teach reading effectively to all students.

Course Overview.

How well prepared are your teachers for the task of teaching reading, especially to students who struggle to learn? The MindPlay Comprehensive Reading Course is an online course in professional development that can enhance the knowledge and skills your teachers bring to their reading instruction. In this course, participants will understand and be able to implement strategies from current reading research.

Course Modules.

▸ Phonological awareness
▸ Reading & spelling development
▸ Phonics fundamentals
▸ Advanced phonics concepts
▸ Fluency
▸ Grammar
▸ Vocabulary
▸ Reading comprehension

Who It's Designed For.

The course qualifies for professional development credit; participants may also earn three graduate credits from Castleton University.
School psychologists
Speech and language therapists
School psychologists
Speech-language pathologists

What To Expect.

The course includes visual presentation with accompanying narration, teaching demonstrations, video excerpts from national experts, supplemental materials, and pre- and post-tests that assess understanding. Individuals may take the course independently or as part of teacher preparation and professional development programs.

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