MindPlay Literacy

MindPlay Literacy automatically analyzes student skills, assigns individualized instruction, and delivers targeted practice for students across your school or district.

Program Overview.

MindPlay Literacy will automatically assess each student’s current reading level across your school or district, then assign the appropriate MindPlay curriculum to support targeted growth: 

  •  Struggling readers and students with knowledge gaps receive direct, explicit, systematic reading instruction to bring them up to grade level.
  •  Strong readers receive systematic reading practice to increase speed & fluency while maintaining good comprehension.

Included in MindPlay Literacy.

▸ MindPlay Universal Screener
▸ MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach
▸ MindPlay Reading Fluency
▸ MindPlay Manager

Who It's Designed For.

Grades K-12
Adult students

What To Expect.

The MindPlay Universal Screener automatically analyzes individual student skills and assigns the appropriate curriculum to support targeted growth.

Every student who needs basic skills instruction is assigned to MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC).

As struggling readers demonstrate mastery of basic skills in benchmark testing, they graduate into MindPlay Reading Fluency (FLRT).

Students at or above grade level on initial assessment proceed directly to MindPlay Reading Fluency (FLRT).

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