MindPlay Math

MindPlay Math applies the same successful instructional methods as MindPlay’s reading program. Consistent with Orton-Gillingham’s elements of evidence-based instruction, this utilizes explicit instruction, visual representation, and scheme-based instruction.

Program Overview.

This self-paced, online learning program will assess each student’s math skills and then create a customized curriculum around what they do know and what they don’t know. The student receives only the lessons they need – helping to keep them engaged!


Adaptive Technology – Captures student responses and assigns lessons to suit that student’s individual needs.
Standards-Aligned Lessons – Designed by educators to help students achieve mastery and fluency in math.
Engaging Learning – Working at their own pace, each student’s lesson is tailored to fit their individual needs.
Achievements – Students level up for mastering lessons and each coins for dashboard rewards.
Instant Reporting – Teachers can view a student’s progress in real-time, identify skill gaps, and know immediately where a student is struggling.
FUNctional Dashboard – Allows students to personalize their profile with various themes and avatars, making it fun to get online.

Who It's Designed For.

Grades K-5

What To Expect.

MindPlay Math Lessons are individualized, sequential, incremental, cumulative, and explicit. The average student can find success in as little as 20 hours of use!

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