MindPlay Understanding Dyslexia

MindPlay Understanding Dyslexia is a web-based course designed to help participants better understand dyslexia and its effect on students learning to read.

Course Overview.

When you understand dyslexia, you will understand that with effective instruction and support, dyslexia will not prevent success. MindPlay Understanding Dyslexia online course familiarizes participants with the definition and characteristics of dyslexia, the essential components of assessment, and the principals and types of effective intervention.

This course will help educators understand:

▸ Defining Dyslexia
▸ Reading Brain
▸ Assessing Dyslexia
▸ Effective Instruction
▸ Supporting Students with Dyslexia

Who It's Designed For.

The course qualifies for three hours of professional development.
General education teachers
Special education teachers
School and clinical psychologists
Speech and language therapists

What To Expect.

The 100% online course offers self-paced instruction. Questions and activities are provided to support and enhance learning. The course ensures content mastery through pre- and post-testing.

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