MindPlay Universal Screener

MindPlay Universal Screener™ is an online and easy reading assessment program. It tests basic reading skills for a single student, a classroom, an entire school or a school district.

Program Overview.

In just five to 30 minutes, MindPlay Universal Screener™ (formerly known as RAPS360®) pinpoints strengths and weaknesses in each student’s reading skills, then creates an electronic individualized learning plan.

MindPlay Universal Screener™ is available as part of MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach™ program or as a separate teaching tool.

MindPlay’s Universal Screener™ enables educators to meet Response to Intervention (RTI) requirements. It also:

▸ offers a series of diagnostic tests for students reading below grade level
▸ identifies students with similar needs to assist educators in allocating
▸ adapts test complexity based on student responses
▸ empowers teachers to create individual learning plans for every student
▸ allows teachers to customize features, such as testing frequency

Who It's Designed For.

Grades K-12

What To Expect.

• Letter Choice Assessment identifying potential Dyslexic populations
• Uses cost effective web-based technology
• Eliminates time consuming data entry and retrieval
• Provides detailed reports: district, school, class, student, and parent
• Testing adapts based on student grade level requirements and student

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