MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach​

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach® (MVRC) is an effective online reading program that improves reading abilities. It permits students with diverse skills and unique needs to read with control and precision.

Program Overview

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach is a comprehensive solution that encompasses the entire language arts curriculum. It supplements teaching staff by providing virtual reading teachers and speech language pathologists to work with each student, as needed.

Each student begins with a full diagnostic test. Comprehensive testing uniquely identifies reading needs and a Prescriptive Reading Plan (PRP) is specially designed for each student. The embedded virtual reading coaches follow the prescriptive reading plan and offer only assigned lessons to each student. Students proceed at their own pace through a series of activities until mastery has been achieved. If not, additional levels of instruction are provided.

Instructional Components

▸ Assessment via MindPlay’s Universal Screener program
▸ Phonemic awareness
▸ Phonics
▸ Vocabulary
▸ Grammar for meaning
▸ Comprehension strategies & Silent reading fluency

Who It's Designed For.

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach delivers research-based instruction for students with diverse reading skills and instructional needs.
Grades K-12
Adult students

What To Expect.

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach improves reading in as little as 10 hours and guarantees results. The program quickly helps students read to their fullest potential.

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