News-O-Matic provides teachers with a daily assortment of non-fiction “news” articles that are specially crafted to capture the imagination of their students.

Program Overview.

Every weekday, News-O-Matic publishes five original multimedia articles on topics from football to government to endangered species. Schools incorporate News-O-Matic into their ELA, social studies, science, SEL, and current events curricula. With more than 10,000 articles available in News-O-Matic’s archives – plus five new stories every day, there’s a story for every type of lesson. News-O-Matic is available across the web and all mobile devices, facilitating learning anywhere and anytime.

Every article has multiple reading levels for students of all reading abilities. The text measures from 400L to 1000L within the Lexile Framework.

Every article is translated by native speakers into Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin. A team of global translators also records each story out loud, so students can listen along.

Comprehensive teacher guides are including, making News-O-Matic easy to use.

Who It's Designed For.

Grades K-8
General Education
Special Education

What To Expect.

• Fresh, dynamic content
• Free teaching tools such as Teacher’s Guide and Student Activity Sheets, to facilitate discussion and application
• Easy-to-use platform for creating assignments, tracking data and more
• Standards-aligned articles
• Units added – text sets based on ELA, science, social students, and SEL

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