Nine Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation

It may seem a little counterproductive to keep planning your days when you’re on “vacation,” but it’s a good idea to take a little time to look at what you want to accomplish, where you want to go and new things you want to learn. Summer is not a time for strict schedules. It’s a time for lazy mornings, drinking your coffee while it’s still hot (unless you like it cold) and doing things when and how you want to do them. Here’s a list of ways to make the most of your summer break.

  1. Reflect – Before you get too far removed from the school year, take a little time to reflect. What were your favorite lessons? What lessons bombed, and can you figure out why?

  1. Rest – You’ve been pushing yourself to the limit this year and it’s time to slow down and rest. Turn off the alarm clock and sleep in. Spend the day on the couch binge-watching all seasons of the Netflix series you’ve missed. Dust off all those books that have been waiting on your nightstand read to your heart’s content.

  1. Take care of yourself – It’s tough scheduling doctor and dentist appointments during the school year. Now is the time to get those out of the way. Make some time to pamper yourself. Hit the spa for a day of relaxation, or get a fresh manicure/pedicure. Head to the salon and get a new haircut. 

  1. Get your life together – We all know that the school year takes a toll on our homes. Don’t let that messy house live in your head and ruin your summer fun. Spend a little time evicting those dust bunnies and taming the paper piles. Maybe there’s a room you want to organize, paint or redecorate. Whatever it is, go for it. 

  1. Spend time outdoors – Spending time outdoors is essential to your everyday wellbeing. Hit the beach, visit a local park, go for a walk, garden or park yourself under a tree and read a book. Plan on doing activities early in the morning before it gets too warm.

  1. Exercise – It’s hard to find time to exercise during the school year. Now is a great time to get in shape and perhaps find a physical activity that you could easily work into your busy schedule as the new year begins. Walk, run, swim, bike, whatever you do, just get moving. Exercise is a great stress reliever.

  1. Fill your social calendar – Reconnect with friends and family. Grab a friend and try out a new restaurant. Hit the movies with your school team. Plan a fun trip or outing with your family. Tour a museum or visit someplace new. Get out and have fun! 

  1. Learn a new skill – Summer is the perfect time for the teacher to become a scholar. Do you love to cook? Take a cooking or baking class. Get creative and learn how to knit, crochet, or paint. Hobbies are great stress relievers and a great way to connect with others. Find an on-demand course on sites like Udemy and Coursera and learn a new skill or improve existing ones.

  1. Make a little time for school work – I know what you’re thinking. I just told you to relax and refresh, so hear me out. I know what you’re thinking. I just told you to relax and refresh, so hear me out. Making a to-do list to plan for next school year can be highly effective right now. Tackle some of your to-do’s so you’re not stressed and anxious over the summer months. A little summer prep will help you ease into the new year.

Whatever your summer brings, I hope you find time to relax, have fun, and learn something new. 

Teia Hoover Baker is an educator, published author, and entrepreneur. She is an innovative, devoted educator whose career has been dedicated to coordinating programs that support struggling learners. Her passion is meeting students where they are and guiding them to excel. Her main focus is always what is best for children. Teia holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a Master’s of Education. In her spare time, she enjoys being Lovie to her growing grandchildren.

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