Pine Ridge High School Sees Math Growth With an Individualized Online Math Program

An ESE class at Pine Ridge High School in Volusia County has been using Ascend Math to help students who need math remediation. From September 2022 to February 2023, students have shown a gain of 56.15% from the pre assessment to the post assessment tests. Five students have completed less than 1/2 a level and eight students have completed 1 level.

Students using Ascend Math find the extra help they need through its individualized study plans, the multiple approaches to objectives both conceptual and algorithmic, and the motivational aspects.

Class Progress From 9/22-2/23

0 %
Average gain percentage on pre and post assessments
Levels completed
0 hr 46 m
Hours worked

Hear From Students in the Class!

“I feel that Ascend Math helps to refresh the mind. I feel the Ascend program is helpful in giving me more remediation.”

Amberly, Grade 11

“Amberly has been successful in Ascend. She made improvements by one grade level from when she arrived in class in August.”

Ms. Baden, ESE K-12 Support Facilitator

“I feel that Ascend does help to refresh my skills and helps me get better with my math.”

Student, Grade 10

“Student has been successful on Ascend as they have gone up at least one grade level while working on this program.”

Ms. Baden, ESE K-12 Support Facilitator

“I like Ascend as I have been focusing more of my time on building my math skills. Ascend has definitely given me the confidence I need, and since I am about to graduate high school, I feel more comfortable going out into the world because I have been focusing on Ascend. Ascend has helped me tremendously, it has made me feel like I am ready to be independent in my financial life after I leave high school. I have learned that it is okay to struggle with a mathematical problem and not beat myself up for it, just keep working at it.”

Janai, Grade 12

“Janai has been focusing on Ascend as she is getting ready to go out into the “real world”. She is a senior and she is wanting to be as independent as possible. She has learned it is okay to not be okay with numbers and equations and formulas, but she takes breaks, looks away and then returns. She has improved her level by at least one, but she feels for her that is a huge accomplishment.”

Ms. Baden, ESE K-12 Support Facilitator

“When I was on Ascend, I was glad that I had the opportunity to go back if I did not pass the post assessments or understand the lesson, the tutorials helped me better develop my skills. I had gone up at least one grade level on Ascend and I am so happy with my success.”

Chloe, Grade 12

“Chloe advanced on Ascend. She struggled but never gave up. She kept watching the videos time and time and time again to help her and with every certificate she got, her eyes lit up brighter and brighter. It has been my pleasure to watch this student grow and develop in such a short time.”

Ms. Baden, ESE K-12 Support Facilitator
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Ascend Math is personalized online math instruction that provides each student with a unique study path through skill gaps at each level. Individual study plans are prescriptive, adaptive, and automatically assigned. In many cases, students move up 2 or more grade levels in a semester.