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Empowering Students at West Elementary School with Livox

West Elementary School, The School District of DeSoto County Schools

Hear from an SLP at The School District of DeSoto County and a teacher at West Elementary School share what they’ve enjoyed about Livox and the incredible student growth they have witnessed.

Abbie Swanson

Country Oaks Elementary School

“The main thing that I’ve noticed is that [Livox] has brought a ton of joy for one of my students in particular.”

Judy Victory

School Administrator
Edgewood Children's Ranch, Orange County School District

“[MindPlay] puts the sense of ownership back into the student’s hands.”

Jose Lopez

Pleasant Hill Academy, Osceola County School District

“Thanks to Ascend Math, my kids are doing amazing.”

Heather Hanson

School Administrator & ESE Specialist
RCMA Wimauma Academy, Hillsborough County School District

“We’ve been using MindPlay for seven or eight years and we are very pleased with the results.”

Micheal Stevens

District Lead School Counselor

“I gotta say, kudos to MindPlay!”

Tiffany Gilbreath

School Principal
Sheridan Hills Christian School, Broward County School District

“MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach has been a blessing to us.”

Chana Sheinberger

Hebrew Academy Community School, Broward County School District

“We have student’s who are reading that simply would not be reading if they wouldn’t have spent the time on the MindPlay program.”

Reshma Mulchan

Assistant Principal & ESE Director
Sheridan Calvary Christian Academy, Broward County School District

“What I really love about MindPlay is it targets all the learning needs of every learner.”

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