RhinoWare Lockdown System

Instantly transform any room into an ultra-secure safe room in the event of an active shooter situation.

Your Last Line of Defense.

The most common way to barricade a classroom door is by stacking furniture or other heavy objects against it to prevent intruders from coming in. This can take several minutes, and in an active shooter situation, every second matters. With RhinoWare, students and staff can quickly lockdown any room in a matter of one second, in one single motion. It’s so simple, a kindergartener can engage it, even while under severe duress.

Once engaged, the door barricade can withstand several tons of direct sustained force. The optional RhinoWare Connect immediately notifies your backend security management system, which can then trigger video surveillance of the lockdown area as well as mass notification of possible shooter presence and lockdowns. The device can be disengaged in one second by first responders or onsite security from outside the room with a high security dimpled RhinoWare key.

What Makes RhinoWare Different.

Built to withstand – Several thousand pounds of direct, sustained force
One-second disengagement – First responders, SROs, and other onsite security can disengage the device with a high-security RhinoWare key.
No training required – Students and educators can activate the device in an instant.
Fully code compliant – Completely code compliant meeting all current applicable building, fire, life safety, ADA codes, and federal accessibility laws.
Compatible with all doors – The device can be installed on inward, outward, and free-swinging doors.
 RhinoWare Connect – The optional RhinoWare Connect notifies your backend monitoring systems of engagements and lockdowns wirelessly.

Who It's Designed For.

Daycare Centers
K-12 Campuses
Higher Education
After-school Programs

What To Expect.

Students and educators will feel safe in the classroom, and parents will feel safe leaving their children at school.

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