Ripple Effects Bouncy for Early Learners

Ripple Effects Bouncy’s Ready to Learn Resilience Program is a proven, play-based approach to developing learning readiness skills, specifically self-regulation skills. The program includes physical and digital elements.

Program Overview.

Traumatic stress flips a switch in the brain from a naturally ready-to-learn state to a threatened state. Kids need three things to switch it back:

Safety – the number one priority of a service dog is to keep people safe
Secure attachment – a comforting and calming friend who never judges or loses patience
Skill building competencies – lessons and exercises to help young children develop social emotional skills, such as agency, self-regulation, and a growth mindset

Breathing Bouncy, the animatronic dog, is a classroom service dog who teaches kids breathing-based self-calming, perseverance, and positive-self talk, resulting in a decrease in tantrums, anxiety, roughhousing and disruptive behavior. Bouncy uses direct instruction, music, dance, games, self-reflection, and community-building exercises to develop agency, self-regulation, and growth mindset. Bouncy invites forth the greatness of every child, regardless of background or ability.

Who It's Designed For.


What To Expect.

Bouncy’s Ready to Learn Resilience program incorporates breathing-based self-calming techniques, to encourage a sense of safety and belonging, resulting in major decreases in tantrums, anxiety and disruptive behavior.

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