Ripple Effects Bouncy for Early Learners

Bouncy is a developmentally appropriate adaptation of Ripple Effects evidence-based, Whole Spectrum Learning System. This younger version emphasizes the hugely supportive personal relationship that Bouncy the Service Dog offers both students and teachers, incorporates more play-based, art, music and kinesthetic learning, and includes more direct family engagement.

Program Overview.

Traumatic stress flips a switch in the brain from a naturally ready-to-learn state to a threatened state. Kids need three things to switch it back:

• Safety
• Secure attachment
• SEL competencies

Bouncy the Service Dog offers all three. Bouncy is an attachment figure who comforts kids, plays with them, models resilience and teaches key SEL skills, supporting calm, self-confident young learners able to soothe themselves when stressed and persist at learning.

Bouncy uses direct instruction, music, dance, games, self-reflection, and community-building exercises to develop agency, self-regulation, and growth mindset. Bouncy invites forth the greatness of every child, regardless of background or ability.


Who It's Designed For.


What To Expect.

Bouncy recognizes that children’s distressed and disruptive behavior is most often rooted in fear and trauma. That’s why Bouncy’s approach is first to calm, then to comfort, then to provide SEL skill training.

Bouncy’s program elements are ideally designed for play-based learning. You can easily integrate any and all of them into learning centers and group play activities, incorporating digital and physical components as you see fit.

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