Ripple Effects Educator Ally

Personalized online training to strengthen educators’ SEL skills, manage stress, and improve classroom practice.

Training Overview.

This engaging and evidence-based professional development software for educators includes 120 interlinking tutorials that empower educators to succeed and solve behavior problems more effectively. It includes private, personalized SEL training and mental health supports for adults, as well as professional development in areas of cultural responsiveness, classroom management skill-building, and best practices for modeling and fostering SEL competencies for students.

Who It's Designed For.

Administrators can support their teachers across any size school or district and provide CEUs by module toward certification.
Other School Personnel

What To Expect.

Unit 1 – Helps educators leverage strengths, remedy weaknesses, bond with diverse students, build resilience to prevent burnout, make good decisions under pressure, command respect, and how it–to all.

Unit 2 – Helps educators distinguish learning issues from behavior, cultural, and health issues, and address each with technical skills, good judgment, and emotional intelligence.

Unit 3 – Helps educators address self-identified sources of stress and burnout, including school-based adult relationships, relationships outside of school, and private mental health issues.

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