Science 3D

Used as a supplemental science program, Science 3D is a project-based STEM platform that integrates language arts. Each “mission” is designed for students to become the scientists with the highest level of engagement.

Program Overview.

Science 3D is a virtual based STEM program for students in grades 3 through 8. It inspired students and helps them master STEM standards be letting them become scientists and engineers by virtually joining real-world research missions. Students will be immersed in action-packed adventures studying sharks, sperm whales, black panthers, rattlesnakes, rainforest, organisms and more! They will discover scientific patterns and processes for themselves while improving math, reading, and writing skills. Join us to experience amazing places and animals around the world, connect with inspiring scientists, and learn about incredible STEM careers!

Using cutting-edge technology and showcasing field science, this innovate program brings the world’s most amazing plants and animals from incredible locations across the globe straight into the classroom.

Who It's Designed For.

Grades 3-8

What To Expect.

• Engage, excite, and inspire students while improving their knowledge and retention of key STEM concepts.
• Lexile-leveled readers and mission activity packs
• Correlates to Florida state standards
• Cross-curricular
• Mission customization opportunities

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