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Capture your story with a video testimonial! Use these questions as a guide:

  1. Introduce yourself: Share your name, title, and school/district.
  2. Mention the program(s) you’re using.
  3. Describe the students benefiting from the program(s).
  4. How long have your students been using the program(s)?
  5. What problem(s) were you aiming to solve?
  6. How do the program(s) simplify your work?
  7. Share the results you’ve seen using the program(s).
  8. Highlight any outstanding student achievements (Results, change in student confidence, usage, etc.).
  9. What do your students like about the program(s)?
  10. What do you like about the program?
  11. Include any other information you would like to share.

Video Guidelines:

  • Ensure good lighting and a clear, well-lit background.
  • Use your phone, computer webcam, or camera to record.
  • Keep the video between 15-30 seconds.
  • Record the video in a quiet area.
  • Incorporate all or some of the provided questions into your video.