Improve K-12 Reading Performance.

Deliver individualized reading instruction for every student.

What is MindPlay?

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach®  (MVRC) is a robust and effective online reading program that was developed by language, literacy, and assessment experts. It is an individualized program that features virtual reading coaches. These “reading coaches” emulate one-to-one tutoring instruction and support. Instruction is direct, explicit, and quickly targets reading gaps that prevent accurate and fluent reading.

How It Works.

Through a series of quick assessments, the program identifies reading strengths and deficits. Then, Synthetic Intelligence™ automatically creates a personalized learning plan for each student to target and quickly fill any reading gaps. A MindPlay student is assigned only the lessons they uniquely, individually, need.

What Makes MindPlay Different?


Two randomized control trials revealed a “strong effect of MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach on reading fluency.

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