With ASTROMAKER®, students discover a fun way to learn, and teachers uncover a new way to teach via technology, meaningful learning, and teamwork!

Program Overview.

Learning by doing is one of the main methodologies applied in the ASTROMAKER® program. The educational robotics program uses project books, tablets, and Lego® Education technology sets to teach students STEAM and 21st century skills and competencies, such as social-emotional cognitive, organizational, behavioral, and communication.

Students work in teams to solve project lessons using Lego® Education Technology Kits and tablets. Apple or Android tablets allow access to the ASTROMAKER® App with 3D assembly guides and augmented reality.

With each lesson, students alternate between the roles of leader, administrator, builder and programmer.

Student administrators take care of the resources available to the team, especially the LEGO®️ Education Technological Kit being used, making sure that care and attention is taken in its handling.

Student builders receive resources directly from the administrators, to then perform the tasks: to build the prototype that will solve the challenges of the proposed activity.

The students responsible for programming bring the prototype built by the team to life. Students perform the programming using specific software from the ASTROMAKER® program.

Leaders are students who take the lead in debates and discussions, keeping the team focused on the activity and presenting the results obtained during the ASTROMAKER® lessons.


▸ 492 physical and digital STEAM activities.
▸ Project books
▸ LEGO® Education sets
▸ 3D assembly guide experience via ASTROMAKER® App on Apple or Android tablets
▸ Educator guides

Who It's Designed For.

Elementary School
Middle School
High School

What To Expect.

Teachers present the context of the activity and challenge students to discuss and establish lines of investigation for the problem to be solved, always working as a team. At the end of the lesson, students communicate and share their discoveries, thus developing essential skills for the future.

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