Empowering teachers to ignite the love of learning through robotics.


ASTROMAKER® is a STEAM curriculum designed for grades 1 through 9 that provides to LEGO® sets using LEGO® Spike Prime and LEGO® Spike Essential.

Supplemental STEAM Curriculum for Grades 1-9

  Aligned with state standards and NGSS
  Incorporates storytelling
  Maker culture (learning by doing)
 Uses technology sets from LEGO® Education
  Project-Based Learning

Who It's Designed For.

1-9 Grades
Summer Programs
Afterschool Programs

What To Expect.

With individual responsibilities, students collaborate to create their ASTROMAKER® Project, which is then presented to the entire classroom, fostering intentional and purposeful pedagogy.

The process incorporates various skills, including E.L.A. and communication. This method aims to revolutionize the teaching and learning experience through hands-on and collaborative learning.

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