We value meaningful connections

Since 2004, we have been passionate about partnering with Florida schools. We provide today’s most effective and innovative educational materials and professional development services. Through the years, we have also been privileged to collaborate with the most passionate and dedicated educators across the state. We are elated to announce that we are launching a blog as just one more way to unite and highlight our partners, programs, and services.

Each year brings new adventures, colleagues, students, curriculum, and changes we might not be ready to tackle. Sometimes things might seem a little overwhelming and we really don’t want to take time to get to know the people around us. It just might be that taking a little time to understand the lives of those around us, will make our lives easier, richer and so much better. As we head into the new school year, we’d like to share some words of wisdom from a New York Times Bestseller, and host of the PBS podcast, Tell Me More, Kelly Corrigan. In a recent graduation speech at the Walker School, in Marietta, Georgia she noted that, “everyone, everywhere has stories to tell and things to teach you”. She talked about the importance of being curious, asking questions, and making connections. We’ve included her speech and we encourage you to take a few minutes to watch. We promise, it will set the stage for a positive start to the school year and just might be the encouragement you need to hear!

Future Topics

·   Curiosity and the Cat

·   What is the Science of Reading?

·   Our Fantastic Elastic Brains

We value meaningful connections and we are excited to have one more way to connect and learn along with you. Please be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to stay connected. BONUS! Everyone who subscribes will be entered to win Kelly Corrigan’s new picture book, Hello World!.

“Great lives are just an accumulation of great days and great days are just an accumulation of great connections.” –Kelly Corrigan

Thank you for connecting with us all of these years! The best is yet to come!

Keep Shining Sunshine State,

The DK Team

Sabrina Valverde is an educator, entrepreneur, educational trainer/consultant, and published author. She is a fiercely passionate advocate for children and has worked in many settings to foster an environment where all children can succeed. Sabrina holds a Master’s of Education in Instructional Leadership and believes that equipping teachers with the best curriculum, resources, and professional development is the cornerstone to student achievement.

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